Trans Nzoia residents urged to desist giving cash to street kids

Street children in Kitale
Street children in Kitale

Trans Nzoia residents have been urged to cease giving money to street children, which might entice those who have homes and families to remain in the streets instead of going back to their homes. According to the Children Officer in Trans Nzoia Ashton Maungu, many street children have been shipped to the streets by their parents and used to fleece money from unsuspecting residents. He disclosed that according to research, most of them are given lots of money, sometimes amounting to Kshs 3,000 per day, and Kshs 90,000 per month and this makes it hard for them to go back home.

Maungu said there were initially between 300-400 street children in Kitale town, and they’ve managed to rehabilitate around 180, sending them to rescue centres, where it dawned on them many aren’t really street children. He said other street children line up the streets during the day and at night they go back home, with the collected profits. He pointed out that the children are placed in strategic positions like hotels, supermarkets and bars to beg for money from the public.

He, however, gave a stern warning to parents who have been engaging in these acts saying they will soon arrest them and take them to court for using children to get money from the public. He also faulted the Trans Nzoia County government for failing to work in partnership with the Children’s department in rehabilitation efforts. He said despite the department being devolved, the County government has neglected its supposed duties including the setting up of rehabilitation centres and providing medication to the affected children. He added that they may sue the Trans Nzoia County government due to this.