Transition of Millicent Khalechi Lumati of West Fm, West Media

Millicent Khalechi Lumati

Millicent Khalechi Lumati transited from this earthly world while undergoing treatment at Mukumu Mission Hospital on 24th September 2016.Lumati

The West Media family extends its sincere condolences to the family, of Millicent Lumati at this trying moment as they mourn her passing on.


Millicent Lumati in the last three years since she joined West Fm radio had grown into one of its star presenters who with humility, charm and vivaciousness had mastered art of telling the story of Western Kenya on whichever platform she graced be it Changamka, Za Kikwetu, Barikiwa, Jukwaa. She was versatile and a go getter who settled for nothing but the best in her work.

Millicent Lumati’s beautiful voice and charm and grace represented, embodied the quintessential Luhyia mum, daughter, wife, aunt, grandmother. She had the fluency, confidence that allowed her to navigate all those roles seamlessly. She was a master story teller. She will forever be immortalized in the annals of the communication narrative of Western Kenya in the first quarter of the 21st century. West Fm, West TV, Weekly Western Chronicle, West media celebrates the life of Millicent Lumati. She will forever be edged in the memory and history of West Fm, West TV, Weekly Western Chronicle, West Media, Western Kenya and the Nation of Kenya.

For the young generation who aspire to the profession of journalism Millicent Lumati who was an unassuming giant whose mastery of the craft was horned and sharpened in the trenches of Western Kenya is the gold standard to emulate and fortunate enough her entire practice of the profession at West Fm, West TV and Weekly Western Chronicle was recorded by West Media and can be replayed over and over by those who yearn to learn.

For the people of Western Kenya whose story West Fm, West TV and the Weekly Western Chronicles, has told and continues to tell we thank you sincerely for nurturing Millicent Lumati in her journalistic odyssey and for standing with Millicent Lumati’s family and the West Fm, West TV, Western Chronicle, West Media family during this time of transition and loss of our presenter.

Fare Thee Well Millicent Khalechi Lumati your place in the communication history of Western Kenya is secure and assured.