TransNzoia to hold investment conference

TransNzoia county investment conference and expo 2016 scheduled for 16th to 18th march 2016

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The TransNzoia county governor Patrick Khaemba speaking in a past function

The county of TransNzoia is putting together the final touches for its Investment Conference and Expo set to be held between 16th to 18th March 2016 at Kitale Club Grounds.

The county of TransNzoia as per the 2009 Census has a population of 818,775 people and is comprised of Kwanza constituency with slightly over 166,528 people, Endebess constituency with 91,194 people, Saboti constituency with 174,960 people, Kiminini constituency with 190,916 people and Cherangany constituency with 195,177.

The county is commonly referred to as one of the bread baskets of Kenya being one of the highest producers of maize the raw material for maize flour mill one of the staple foods in Kenya popularly known as Ugali.

investment conference
The TransNzoia county governor Patrick Khaemba

In 2015 the county produced about 5 million bags of maize translating to a value of kshs 10 billion at a price of Ksh. 2000 per bag of maize.

You can read more about the Trans Nzoia county investment conference and expo 2016 here.

The county government of TransNzoia County under governor Patrick Khaemba has been grappling with the challenges of trying to increase farmers yield per acre through subsidized fertilizers.

It is fighting with challenges inclusive, poor road infrastructure that hampers delivery of farm inputs and sale of farm products, huge unemployment among the youth, the large number of farmers without Title deeds to their parcels of land, a dilapidated health care network system, lack of value addition to the County’s largely agro based economy leading to exploitation of farmers among other myriad of socio-economic challenges that face most counties in Kenya.

The investment conference is dubbed “TransNzoia Investment and Expo 2016” and its theme is unlocking investment potential in Kenya’s bread basket.

The objective of the conference is to position TransNzoia as the most preferred investment and tourist destination in the region.