Travel restrictions into and out of Nairobi,Mombasa,Mandera lifted

President Uhuru Kenyatta speaking at State House

The cessation of movement into and out of Nairobi, Mombasa and Mandera Counties has been lifted, effective Tuesday 4:00 am. President Uhuru Kenyatta has directed the lifting of travel restrictions in to and out of the Counties. As part of the new measures, President Kenyatta has directed the extension of the ongoing dusk to dawn curfew for a further 30 days.

Addressing the nation on Monday, the President said by reopening the Nairobi Metropolitan area, Mombasa and Mandera we are more at risk than we were when restrictions were in place, “We must, therefore, exercise cautious optimism, and avoid avoid reckless abandon.” He said the order to reopen is conditional and that if the situation becomes worse the measures will be put in place again, “In the next 21 days, we shall study patterns of interactions and the spread of the disease. Any trends that signal a worsening of the pandemic, we will have no choice but to return to the lock down at zero option,” he said.

He urged Kenyans to take up responsibility, adding that everyone has the duty to to defend and protect each other and their families during these times. He called for unnecessary up country travel to be delayed, and exercising of extreme caution and fidelity to the correct usage of face masks hand washing, sanitation, physical and social distancing, and concern for the elderly and immune-depressed persons.