True love a rare gem

True love is rare
True love has become a rare gem in society

Love has dominated everything in the world, people do fall in love, but we all have to differentiate between true love and bodily desires. Young people have exhausted their lust-filled feelings of love in relationships to a halt because they forget trust and love can’t work without each other. Lust-driven love is driving the world crazy and young men are investing a lot in ladies, forgetting that love is a free gift awarded freely by God to every person. According to Sheila 35,she says that present day love is not genuine and is built on one’s financial muscle. “Nowadays people are more concerned about their partner’s financial stability more than love,” she said.

I don’t oppose the idea of buying gifts for your loved one, but the motive behind that move is what is questionable. Besides, if love exists between lovers in a relationship, the gifts only serve to make love more enjoyable.

Young people are lured into relationships because of money, with the the trending slogan ”Sponsor” dominating the minds of youths all over the country. People considered to bear that title must be older men and women who command tremendous wealth in society, and some seem to take advantage of young people. Ladies have gone to an extent of branding their older lovers names like ‘free food’, ‘crush program’, ‘airtime’ and ‘ATM’, this is a clear indication of how lustful desires have dominated love.

The current generation which has seen the rise and rise of sponsors has brought forth wrangles in relationship and this has even led to marriage problems.

Genuine love still exists, and it will come naturally without being stirred and forced.