Twelve families affected by fire incident, receive relief food.

Donation of relief food in Nandi county
Donation of relief food in Nandi county

The Twelve families who lost their property after fire razed down their residence in West view Nandihills, have received donations of relief food and beddings from the county government of Nandi.

Speaking after delivering the items to the affected, Nandi disaster management officer Dorine Cherono said the government of Nandi saw it good to assist the families to get food and beddings as they prepare to settle in another place.

She asked the parents in rental apartments to ensure their children are safe urging them not to leave them alone as they can cause the unthinkable.

“The fire that broke out in Nandibills East view was alleged to have been caused due to the fault caused by the children thus parents should be on the lookout always by knowing what their children are doing while at home,” Cherono said.

The donations include eight backs of maize, Four bags of beans, and several beddings.

The victims lauded the county government of Nandi for remembering them in such a way saying that at least they can afford a little smile.

Nandi hills member of the county assembly of Nandi Hon Gideon Koech said the county government of Nandi should consider stationing a fire extinguisher machine at Nandihills so as to help and aid when such disasters happen.