Two bodies retrieved from river Kipkaren

Residents at the bank of Kipkaren river where the bodies were found

Two bodies have been retrieved from Kipkaren river in Lugari Sub County. One of bodies is that of Silas Madanji alias Martin Nyando, a suspected motorbike thief who plunged himself in the river while running from an angry mob that was baying for his blood after he was found with parts of a stolen motorbike at Igina village in Lumakanda location ten days ago.

The first body was discovered at Bondeni village in Musembe sub location by a man who was fishing in the river.

According to Mr. Alfred Toli Muganda he spotted an object floating on the river as he was fishing and on moving closer he was shocked to discover it was a human body. He later alerted other residents and the local administration.

The family of Madanji was contacted and rushed to the scene but found it wasn’t him.

After being removed from the water it was established that the body was still fresh with visible injuries indicating he might have been killed and dumped there.

Confirming the incident Musembe sub location assistant chief Richard Etale said the man might have been carried from elsewhere saying apart from Madanji he had not received information of any other missing person from his area of administration or across in Munyuki sub location.

Etale has appealed to anybody who might have lost a middle aged male relative or friend to come out and help identify the body.

While still at the scene, information was received about another body that had been discovered on the upper side of the river at Mbajo village in the same sub location. The body was discovered by a boy who was grazing animals near the river.

The crowd present headed to the second scene where Madanji’s father Mr. George Alufuma identified it as his son’s body.

Police officers from Lumakanda station removed the two bodies with Madanji’s body being taken to Chebaiywa mortuary in Uasin Gishu County while the unidentified body was taken to Webuye mortuary in Bungoma County as investigations into the incidents were launched.