Two people die in an accident along Nandi Hills-Gubere road

The truck involved in the accident

Two middle aged men died after being involved in a grisly road accident which occurred along Nandi Hills-Gubere-Awasi road after the driver of the truck they were in lost control and plunged into the shallow wide Chepsangur valley in Nandi. The two were coming from Eldoret heading towards Awasi.

According to an eyewitness at the scene of the disaster, the driver of the truck which was ferrying a water tank and a generator was speeding and he lost control and plunged into the wide trench killing them instantly. Area residents who were at the scene, said the road has a lot of sharp turns and drivers need to be careful to avoid accidents. They said they’ve appealed with the national government and the Nandi County government to intervene and find a solution on the road’s sharp turns but nothing has happened.

“The barriers they erected, were constructed on the wrong side which does not assist at all thus we call upon the government of Nandi to consider constructing bumps on this road” one of the eyewitnesses said. The bodies of the deceased were retrieved by police officers and taken to Nandi Hills hospital mortuary. Chepsangur valley has been a black spot and road accidents have been experienced there due to the sharp turns along the Nandi Hills-Gubere route.