Two suspected robbers murdered in Webuye East

Residents at the scene where the incident occured
Residents at the scene where the incident occured

Two suspected thieves were on Wednesday killed in broad daylight through mob justice in Makuselwa village, Ndivisi division in Webuye East sub-county. According to Mr. John Makokha one of the residents of Makuselwa village, the two have been notorious thieves stealing livestock and chicken in the village for some time now. They have been cautioned a number of times but they have never stopped the habit. Wednesday 31st March at wee hours, their forty days had dawned and they were caught with stolen chicken, something that did not go down well with villagers who ended up beating them to death.

Makokha said they have been arrested a couple of times by the police but later released immediately, an act that pushed the residents to take the law into their own hands for the safety of their livestock.

Another area resident Mr. Emmanuel Simiyu said that the habit from the two had threatened the economy of the village and even after complaining to the authorities nothing was taken up prompting them to lay a trap for them. He also stated that either police have been compromised or they are accomplices and have now vowed to deal with the gang that has caused them sleepless nights by themselves in the best manner that they know better.

Simiyu added that some schoolboys are also among the gang that has also caused insecurity in the village and reporting them to the parents has not yielded results. He asked the young boys to either stop or face the same consequences.

Mark Sasaka said that a good number of the youth have adopted laziness, something that has made them use dubious and shortcuts in order to get money and use it in drinking sprees and acquiring of bhang and other drugs. He went ahead to warn those selling bhang to the young boys that their days are equally numbered as they are also contributing to breaking the law.

They have however asked the police to intervene and make sure they arrest the remaining culprits so that the bad vice in the area can be put to a stop since it has adversely affected the peace and tranquility of the community.

They have also appealed to chiefs, ACC and DCC from Webuye East sub-county to deal with illicit brew and bhang which has immensely contributed to theft and crime in the village.