Two West Pokot leaders accuse Lonyangapuo of threatening them

West Pokot County assembly speaker Catherine Chepkemoi Mukenyang (centre) flanked by Governor John Lonyangapuo (left) and Senator Samuel Poghisio (right)
West Pokot County assembly speaker Catherine Chepkemoi Mukenyang (centre) flanked by Governor John Lonyangapuo (left) and Senator Samuel Poghisio (right)

KANU politics in West Pokot County has taken a new twist as County Assembly speaker Catherine Mukenyang and KANU nominated MCA Elijah Kaseuseu alleged that their lives are in danger after receiving threats from area Governor John Lonyangapuo.

The duo who have recorded statements at a police station accused the County boss of having a scheme to eliminate them.

Speaker Mukenyang recorded a statement at Kileleshwa Police Station last week on 9th September and the case was referred back to Kapenguria Police Station while Kaseuseu has also recorded his statement.

This comes after 4 KANU female MCAs were expelled from the party over failing to remit their monthly subscription fee, failure to adhere to the party’s loyalty pledge, the code of conduct and inability to defend and promote the party while serving at the assembly.

On Monday, the two were involved in wrangles with the Governor at Tapach area during the burial of the late wife of area member of County assembly Mr. Samuel Korinyang.

While addressing the press in Kapenguria after coming from Kapenguria police station, the two leaders who fell out with the Governor said that they are now living in fear.

Speaker Mukenyang claimed that Governor Lonyangapuo has threatened her four times now in the Pokot native language.

“We had a good relationship with the Governor but differences started three months ago. Recently, the Governor said that I must be impeached in three months time and I have a recorded clip where the Governor abused and threatened me,” said Mukenyang.

She claimed that Lonyangapuo has been behind all the woes facing MCAs who have missed their salaries now for three months.

“MCAs have not received their salaries after we suspended our clerk. We have realized that Lonyangapuo has been having a hand in the issue colluding with the clerk not to hand over to the acting clerk to sign for documents,” she said.

He accused the Governor of bringing divisions among MCAs, “The Governor has been misusing MCAs. He should follow what the Constitution says on separation of powers. Do your work and let me do mine.” She added that she witnessed Lonyangapuo threatening Kaseuseu during the Tapach burial.

She dismissed allegations that she was among the masterminds for the expulsion of 4 KANU MCAs from West Pokot.

Kaseuseu, who burst into tears while addressing the press, said the Governor turned against him after they differed on the political front. The nominated MCA, who was Lonyangapuo’s ally turned foe. “I stood with him politically and it’s wrong for him to hunt me.”

He said that on Monday Governor Lonyangapuo threatened him while pointing at him with his walking stick during the burial at Tapach after he tried to ask the Governor to stop insulting him.

“His security tried to attack me in public and people defended me. I’m now worried,” he said, “Since I fell out with him, he’s been monitoring my moves and is using security officers. We were close friends and I know what he can do.”

However, Governor Lonyangapuo dismissed the allegations, terming them lies and politics. He said that the two should resign as they are being manipulated by the top KANU leadership to scuttle his development agenda.

“The top party leadership was out to frustrate and sabotage the executive through the County assembly,” said Lonyangapuo.

Lonyangapuo added that he is not in a position to stop the payment of salaries at the County assembly.