Two women killed in a love triangle in Nasianda


A sombre mood engulfed Nasianda village, Soysambu-mitua ward after two women were killed in a love triangle after they were beaten by unknown people on the night of 28th March 2021.

While addressing the media at the scene of crime, Mitua location chief Mrs. Gladys Wanjala said she received a call at night from the village manager formerly known as village elders, over the incident but she could not go immediately as she had no means. According to the information she gathered in the morning, one man Mr. Ben Wanyonyi had separated with the wife and so he invited one of the women in his house but the other lady who is a widow got information and also paid an abrupt visit.

When she got there, the two ladies who were not Ben’s wives started fighting something that prompted Ben to call his brothers to separate the two and that is when hell broke off but the chief says up to now no one knows who killed the two ladies, one was found lying in a pool of blood in the morning naked while the other died while receiving medication after sustaining serious injuries at the neighboring health center.

Mrs. Wanjala says Ben ran away after sensing danger and he is being sort by police and she has called on residents of Mitua location to help the police and her office if they know the whereabouts of the culprit. She adds that the incident leaves a lot of questions which can only be answered by criminal investigation police and urged people especially those in marriage to exercise patience and embrace dialogue whenever there is a difference.

The sentiments were echoed by villagers who complained of illicit brew and bhang amongst youths could have been one of the causes as some bhang was retrieved from the house and asked police to up their game and make sure culprits are put behind the bars. They wondered what people were doing during curfew time and criticized police for relaxing at work.

They have asked for a police post at the area saying cases of insecurity are increasing everyday and therefore the police post will help in beefing up the security. They have also called on police to do thorough investigation and let the residents know who could have instigated the killing of two women.

The bodies of the two women are laying at Kiminini cottage awaiting postmodern as police launch manhunt of Ben.