UDA leaders oppose plan to form a community political party


United Democratic Alliance UDA leaders in West Pokot County have disassociated themselves from the formation of any political party in West Pokot County.

The leaders said there is a scheme by the area governor John Lonyangapuo and Pokot South Member of parliament David Pkosing to form a party ahead of 2022 elections.

MP Pkosing has already initiated the process of forming a political party whereby he has met with opinion leaders across the county setting strategy for the new party.

On his Facebook page Pkosing announced that he has held fruitful consultations with opinion leaders from the entire Kacheliba Constituency and Kapenguria constituency on matters of the party.

Pkosing has been a close ally to the Deputy President Dr. William Ruto after the 2017 elections when he was elected on Jubilee ticket but the fall out between the two began to emerge in 2020.

On his part the area governor John Lonyangapuo close allies have hinted that the governor is also scheming to form a new political party ahead of 2022.

Lonyangapuo who was elected on Kanu ticket of late has not been drumming support for Kanu party and at a point he was suspected to have changed tune and supported DP Ruto.

However, Sigor MP Peter Lochakapong said the DP supported Pkosing but at the moment he has been disloyal to the DP and decided to chat his own path.

He said Pkosing has belittled the DP and faulted their scheme of formation of new party citing that they will be in rude shock in 2022.

“They have moved to the dynasty group because they have got some wealth. The DP proposed Pkosing to chair the roads committee in parliament but he isn’t pledging loyalty.” He said.

MP Samuel Moroto said he is now in UDA despite being elected on Jubilee ticket.

The Women Representative Lilian Tomitom, Kacheliba MP Mark Lomunokol and other leaders delinked themselves from the formation of the new party as they pledged to popularize  UDA party in the county.

Ruto who drummed up support for his United Democratic Alliance party in West Pokot County last week dismissed formation of small tribal parties citing that the parties target to divide Kenyans in tribal lines.

He slammed a section of West Pokot leaders for coming up with parties that will lead them in the opposition come 2022 adding that when the pace for campaigns will set he will marshal votes from every corner of the country.

“Some leaders in West Pokot County have lost direction and now want to form parties for their tribe I welcome them in UDA, let’s walk together ahead of 2022 elections. They should stop being rude and hear their votes.” DP said.