UDA Party divisions in Trans-Nzoia.

Deputy President William Ruto speaking at Zawadi secondary school in Nairobi County
Deputy President William Ruto speaking at function.

There are sharp divisions among UDA party supporters in Transnzoia county as most are not reading from the same script. During last month’s tour by Dp Ruto in Transnzoia county leaders who accompanied him played blame-game politics before him each accusing the other of their miseries.

It was at Tuwani ward that politics degenerated into a shouting match when Trans-Nzoia woman representative Janet Nangabo was given the opportunity of welcoming the leaders who accompanied Deputy President William Ruto but her speech was cut short.

Nangabo blames the Deputy president for not controlling the crowd that shouted her down and also throws the blame to Trans-Nzoia county senator aspirant Allan Chesang and area MCA Beard Daddy Wambwa for the chaos saying it was planned to embarrass her. During this heckling, the deputy president remained calm and in his address, he seemed to praise hecklers for showing correct political statements to “astray” leaders.

The situation worsened at Kitale town when Maurice Kakai Bissau who is aspiring to replace governor Partick Khaemba was also heckled when he was addressing. Kakai on the other hand blames Chesang as well as his rival in the Gubernatorial race Dr.Abraham Sing’oei.

Deputy President William Ruto has only two elected leaders inTransnzoia County supporting him, that is, Endebess Mp Dr. Robert Pukose and woman representative Janet Nangabo. He fell out with Cherangany Mp Joshua Kuttuny and Senator Dr. Michael Mbito who blame Dp Ruto for high-handedness, dictatorial leadership as well as sponsoring other aspirants to ouster them. It’s believed the Deputy president is preferring Allan Chesang for the Trans-Nzoia senatorial post for he is the DP’s frontman in Kitale.

Chesang last Saturday in the company of Kapsaret Mp Oscar Sudi opened the UDA office at Milimani Kitale without the company of other leaders in the county.  this has raised concerns in UDA’s camp and it is said Maurice Kakai is contemplating shifting his allegiance to  Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi while Transnzoia woman representative Janet Nangabo is set to join ford Kenya and contest for Kiminini parliamentary seat. The duo is claiming Dp Ruto cannot be trusted.

The supporters of the UDA party, which is associated with Deputy President William Ruto, include Endebess Mp Dr.Robert Pukose, Transnzoia county women representative Janet Nangabo, The ICT and Infrastructure advisor who was also last year’s runners up in the Trans-Nzoia county Gubernatorial race Maurice Kakai Bissau, Jubilee chair Transnzoia Chesebe, as well as a host of Mca’s led by Tuwanis Daddy Wambwa.