UDA Tribunal orders for a recount of Emgwen parliamentary nomination results

Scattered ballot papers
Scattered ballot papers

The United Democratic Alliance party Tribunal has ordered for a recount of Emgwen parliamentary nomination results after a dispute between the two top seat contestants Nandi Woman Rep Tecla Tum and Josees Lelmengit.

The seat  had attracted over ten contestants including two top contestants Tecla Tum and Josees Lelmengit  who disputed marked ballot papers from five polling stations which were allegedly manipulated.
Lelmengit was declared the winner of the nominations by Emgwen Returning officer Peter Rono and was handed over an interim nominee certificate.
Speaking to journalists in Kapsabet town, Rono called for a repeat of the exercise rather than a recount saying it will be much better if the entire exercise is repeated.
Josees Lelmengit supporters took to the streets of Kapsabet in protest of the UDA tribunal directives for a recount saying they exercised their democratic right to vote in for Lelmengit and now being asked to repeat is a demoralization of their rights.
They blocked Kapsabet-Kisumu road demanding for a repeat of the voting process and not a recount as ordered by the UDA party tribunal.
On the other hand, Tecla Tum’s supporters lauded the directive saying the entire exercise was marred with irregularities thus are very much willing to have the counting repeated.
They demanded the recount be done as ordered by the tribunal without any manipulation saying that their supporter Tum won  the nominations by far and are expecting justice be served.