UDP campaigns in Webuye East promising goodies once elected

UDP senatorial candidate Rev. Herman Kasili.
UDP senatorial candidate Rev. Herman Kasili.

UDP party took its campaign in Webuye East in its last moments appealing residents to come out in large numbers and vote for their candidates across the County.

Led by UDP gubernatorial and senatorial candidates Zacharia Barasa and Rev. Herman Kasili crisscrossed all the three wards in Webuye East; Ndivisi, Maraka and Mihuu wards promising goodies for the constituents.

Rev. Herman Kasili took swipe to Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula for not doing enough oversight as his duty calls him to do which has led to underdevelopment in many areas of Bungoma County.

“We have voted for Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula twice as the goalkeeper for all the monies that come to Bungoma but we have experienced little development, money being used inappropriately only one area getting development to the detriment of other areas yet they pay higher taxes,” said Rev. Kasili.

Kasili alleged that there has been a lot of corruption in the two regimes yet the Senator has been keeping quiet all along and added that time for change has come and Bungoma residents should weed out search leaders for letting the great people of Bungoma down.

“We have had two major scandals in the two regime, during Lusaka’s regime we saw the major scandal of the wheelbarrow, he kept quiet and brought us Wangamati who he praised so much and when the scandal of COVID-19 water containers came up he kept mum and now he has brought back Lusaka again whom he criticized so much so who is cheating who? We are not fools but we need to take them all home and vote in UDP government because Lusaka, Wangamati and Wetangula have let us down, “he asserted

Zacharia Barasa on his part criticized the current regime led by governor Wycliffe Wangamati for sidelining Webuye East in terms of development, saying many roads are impassable yet the people from the region deserves best especially after producing a Deputy governor who is now a senatorial candidate in DAP-K  Prof. Charles Kibanani Ngome.

“I have been around all the three wards in Webuye East Constituency and many roads meant for the County government are in pathetic state, impassable and some have never been opened up since the inception of devolution in 2013, and I come over here with a message of hope that you change the government, vote out the two other candidates who have forgotten you and put in this state, how does a Constituency which has produced a Deputy governor be in this state?  Queried Barasa.

UDP gubernatorial candidate Zacharia Barasa.
UDP gubernatorial candidate Zacharia Barasa.

He said poor road network in the Constituency has led to high poverty index in the area because residents can do little, reaching market places to do business is a challenge and even children accessing schools is a big problem and promised that if he will be elected come 9th August he will begin with upgrading the roads from interior villages and open up many roads to help the people of Webuye East and many parts of the County.

Barasa added that he will also upgrade Sinoko hospital to be a sub county hospital with all the equipments needed so that patients cannot move for longer kilometers seeking for medical services and that this will be in all the constituencies so that residents can get better services and value for their money.

“Apart from upgrading hospitals i will also make sure each resident of Bungoma county who is poor will get NHIF card paid fully by the county government and don’t ask me where i will get money because i know there is a lot of wasted money in this county, some misused and another being used in corruption and that’s why you see them moving with sacks of money and dishing out yet our hospitals have no medicine, our casual workers have not been paid their dues, such money will be used to do many things ” added Barasa.

On his part his running mate Mr. Kingley Mutali and Mihuu ward UDP party candidate Mr. Fred Muyekho accused some leaders from Webuye East for subotaging the program, Muyekho adding that some government officers have been receiving barsaries yet the less fortunate were suffering in the village, their children at home with no fees to pay, promising to change once he is elected.