Ugandan MP warn FGM perpetrators

Ugandan Member of Parliament Micah Lolem
Ugandan Member of Parliament Micah Lolem

Ugandan Member of Parliament Micah Lolem has warned Female Genital Mutilation FGM perpetrators who have a habit of escaping to Uganda after cutting girls that the Ugandan government will arrest them.

Lolem who is MP Amudat District in neighbouring Uganda country said most of the cutters from Kacheliba constituent have been running to Uganda after marrying off school girls and performing FGM to them.

He said FGM must be eradicated in the community and in case one escape to Uganda they will be on high alert with the Ugandan resident District Commissioner to put perpetrators behind bars.

Speaking at Kiwawa in Kacheliba constituency Lolem said being a newly elected MP he will fight for children’s rights and focus on peace along the border.

“Pokots who live in Kenya and Uganda are one and they share resources. They also vote in both countries. FGM in Uganda is forbidden and also should be eradicated in Kenya.” He said.

He said incase a culprit escapes to Uganda the security team will be able to follow up and be arrested and vice versa.

“FGM is bad practice and backwards if we restored peace in the Karamojong cluster I also believe FGM will come to an end.  Let’s maintain peace and keep our children at school.” He added.

He said reformed warriors to participate in farming for commercial purposes.

He added that children should be taken to school and focus on human medicine and animal health to enable the community have professionals.

“Let the Pokots know Nairobi and Kampala and take their livestock to the markets. We should eradicate the narrative of owning a thousand cows but doesn’t know where to get the market.” He said.

Kacheliba constituency development fund manager Wilson Koringura noted that the good relationship between Kenya and Uganda will help nab the cutters and also the girls will be returned to schools.

“I applaud the Ugandan government for intensifying arrest to save the girl child, as CDF we are setting up schools along the Kenya and Uganda border.” He said.

He added that the CDF has built Nasitet, Kanyerus, Moruabeng and Kiwawa  primary schools along the border and accommodates learners from the two  countries.