UN to help in development process

The UN has set out plans to help Kenya in its development process
The UN has set out plans to help Kenya in its development process

The government has implemented new formats that are meant to help in the devolution process, with the aid of the United Nation Development Assistant Framework. This is a gesture by the UN to help the government of Kenya to develop its aspirations under Vision 2030, which is meant to provide unique opportunities to strengthen the capacity of the Counties when it comes to business procedures. The UNDAF proposed ways of handling the structural challenges that affect counties and how to overcome them so as to attain accountability, cost-effectiveness, and transparency.

The UN in Kenya has started the assistance in seven counties which are facing challenges in inadequate human resource, weak financial status, poor procurement systems, and natural calamities,  and the challenges brought about by this are to be shared further, to enable the UN to implement ideas so as to provide the adequate human resource.

 Due to the competitive donor funds brought about by the currently experienced humanitarian issues in the world like the Syria War, the UN donation may not be at an optimum level, and because of that everyone is entitled to equitable service in the country. The women, children, and the youth who aren’t given fair chances in their Counties will be compensated in order to measure up to the required assistance allotted for the counties. Furthermore, procurement services will also be improved, a task to be undertaken by the government and the UN.