Vihiga county passes motion to suspend County Chief of Staff


Members of Vihiga County assembly have passed motion to compel Governor Wilber Ottichilo to suspend the County Chief of Staff Mr. Noah Okaya.

The MCA’s overwhelmingly passed the motion which was tabled by Wodanga ward MCA Vincent Atsiaya saying the chief of staff has held governor hostage making him not to perform.

The MCAs during their deliberations on the motion said the chief of staff has overstepped his mandate in interfering with the work of the executive.

The MCAs said no positive changes are made by governor Ottichilo because chief of staff has taken powers from him.

“Mrs. Speaker we want governor Wilber Ottichilo to suspend the chief of staff Noah Okaya for holding the county hostage. Nothing is being done at the county because of one person,” decried Atsiaya.

Luanda MCA Tom Atingo accused the chief of staff for taking all powers. He said what the chief of staff is doing is total coup at the governor’s post living Ottichilo powerless.

“Mrs. Speaker what the chief of staff is doing in total coup of the county government. He has grabbed powers from the governor by dictating what should be done. He must be suspended for things to move in the county.

Mwibona ward MCA Zakayo Manyasa said they are ready to pay for it to rescue the county from the hands of chief of staff.

The MCAs said the county has received 1.6 billion from the national government but things are not moving because the chief of staff.

They also accused chief of staff for organizing illegal tour to Israel which was unwarranted.

“The house want the governor Dr. Wilbur Ottichilo to suspend the chief of staff Noah Okaya from office pending further investigations by the select committee on Public service and administration.” Atsiaya reiterated.

The MCAs want the assembly adhoc committee which was formed after passing the motion to investigate whether the functions of chief of staff are overlapping with those of the county executive.

The MCAs also want the committee to find out whether the inference of chief of staff with executive amounts to contravention of the county government act and public finance act.

Speaker of Vihiga county Assembly Hasna Mudeisi gave the assembly ad hoc committee 21 days to give their report to assembly.