Vihiga County government urged to help those affected by heavy rains

The Gisambai Hamisi road
The Gisambai Hamisi road

The Kenya Meteorological Department had predicted heavy rains to affect East and Central Africa; Kenya and specifically the Western region, has not been spared either including Vihiga County.

Many are reported to have been displaced by the heavy rains, especially locals from the Idavaga area in Vihiga Constituency.

Those families that were affected by the heavy down pour three weeks ago called upon the County government to come up with immediate remedy of dealing with floods in the area.

Their sentiments were echoed by the area Member of County Assembly Victor Ijaika who called upon the County government through the Ministry of Public Service to offer needed help to accommodate the affected families in the area. “The County government under the said Ministry has an emergency kitty, where the funds can be derived to help the affected families to get back to their feet,” Ijaika said.

The heavy rains have equally impacted negatively on infrastructure in the County mostly in Musitinyi in Luanda.

Locals have called on the County government to renovate the roads that have been damaged by the heavy rains in the area.

Gisambai Hamisi road has also not been spared by the heavy downpour; transport to that area has been hampered.

Locals have urged the area Member of Parliament Charles Gimose to set aside funds for the rehabilitation of the road.

Vihiga Governor Dr. Wilber Ottichilo assured Musitinye residents that he has set aside funds to work on the affected roads. “Am concerned with the bard state of the roads in this Sub County but I have set aside funds to rehabilitate the roads that have been badly affected,” said Ottichilo.

Locals have been urged to make sure they are sleeping under treated Mosquito nets during this period to avert the spread of malaria infection in the region.

County Executive Committee Member (CEC) in the Ministry of Health Amos Kutwa said cases of malaria infections are likely to spread during this rainy period and called upon locals to sleep under treated mosquito nets. “We are encouraging mostly pregnant women to sleep under mosquito nets, malaria outbreak usually occur during this period,” he said.

Locals were also encouraged to drink clean water to avoid the outbreak of water bone diseases in the County.