Vihiga Mp Ernest Ogesi calls on the Government to release CDF funds

Vihiga Mp Ernest Ogesi

The National Government has been urged to release Constituency Development Funds (CDF) on time.

Speaking when he visited the families of the students who were beneficiaries of the Wings to fly program from Equity Bank to join secondary Schools, Vihiga Member of Parliament Ernest Ogesi said the delay has affected form one admission in the Country and especially pupils from his constituent.

He added that the CDF Committee in National Assembly had approached the National treasury for the release of the funds.

“We as members of Parliament engaged the CDF Committee and tusked it to make sure the funds are released before the form admission window is closed, to make sure those unable to join secondary schools gain admission in their preferred schools across the Country”, Ogesi said.

He encouraged parents who are capable of paying admission fee to make sure their children join form one.

Ogesi said Wings to fly had paid school fees to less fortunate cases in the County and three pupils from his constituency.

He noted that he had approached other organizations like Kenya Commercial Bank Foundation which agreed to sponsor four students and Palm Foundation in Nairobi which agreed to pay fees to two students from area.

The legislator said the CDF Kitty has set aside 35 percent of its funds to pay fees for the less fortunate cases in the constituency.