Lack of water, electricity in Vihiga police quarters

Vihiga County Police Commander Elisha Odhiambo in his office
Vihiga County Police Commander Elisha Odhiambo in his office

Administration police officers in Vihiga County have complained about the lack of water and electricity in the quarters built by the National government.

They are now blaming the county commander for doing little to help tackle the situation.

“We have stayed for more than four months without water and power yet our administrative units cannot pay for the accrued bills,” said one of the police officers.

They said despite the government building lavish blocks for the officers, poor sanitation had rocked the apartments.

“We boast of having good houses built by the government to accommodate us. But the reality is that we are suffering in those houses,” said an administration police officer who did not wish to be named.

They are now calling on their county bosses to ensure that the outstanding bills are paid since they fear contracting water-borne diseases by depending on the untreated water from rivers.

“We are forced to fetch water from the streams and this untreated water may be harmful to our health and family,” said the officers.

The officers have been ‘playing games’ with the Kenya power and water department by engaging in illegal connections according to administration police officers to evade black out and access water at odd hours.

However, County Coordinating Police Commander Elisha Odhiambo said they have raised the concerns with police headquarters and soon the bills will be paid.

“Of course the concern has been heard and raised to our bosses in Nairobi, soon the officers will have power and water,” said Odhiambo.

He said the pending bills have accrued due to lack of funds and they have explained to the water department and Kenya power that the bills will be paid for reconnection.

“I know this issue might to some extent demoralize the officers but we are looking into the matter for the benefit of the officers,” said Odhiambo.

Odhiambo was speaking in his offices at County Commissioner’s headquarters, in Vihiga Sub County.