Vihiga residents feel the bite of a suffering economy

The busy Luanda town in Vihiga County
The busy Luanda town in Vihiga County

The country is not doing well economically and many Kenyans are feeling the effects hitting them hard currently. Most of them attribute this to rampant corruption in key sectors and excessive borrowing that has plunged the country in large debt that is yet to be serviced.

During this festive season and the ushering in of the New Year, there has always been massive spending among Kenyans mostly locals from Vihiga, but this time round things are a bit different in terms of budgeting.

Samwel Kiwanuka a resident from Sabatia Sub County said prices of common food staffs has sky rocketed, noting that this might be pegged on high cost of production and high cost of raw materials among other things. “In the recent past I used to plan early how I will spend my little earned money, budgeting for December festive season and paying school fees for my children when schools reopens in January, but currently the little I have is not enough to cater for everything,” he said, “I have now been forced to re-evaluate my spending and cut down on some key items in my budget.”

Susan Muhonja who works in Nairobi and arrived in for festive season, decried the shrinking economy, adding that it’s now becoming turf for Kenyans to survive, “Am now forced to cut down my budget on spending while am in this side of the country, things are not working well for us as a country,” she said.

Most of the top shopping sites in the County specifically at Mbale, Serem, Majengo, Gambogi and Luanda are not doing well as they used to do in recent years.

Owners of the most Supermarkets in the named areas are complaining of low sale experienced during this festive season.

One of the Supermarket owners at Mbale who wanted go unknown said recession has impacted negatively on their sales. “Kenyans and locals from this locality are not shopping heavily as they used to do, at some point we are forced to incur losses, but am calling on the Government to look into this issue, and deal with it amicably,” he said.

Booming local entertainment joints at Chavakali, Majengo, Shamakhokho and Luanda most of them at the moment are experiencing low clientele as they used to do in the previous years.

A bar owner at Chavakali market said they have been forced to cut down on their budget and have now reduced number of staff. “My business is at Chavakali but hail from Kisumu, I am forced to commute daily from there to this end, but at the moment things are not going well us expected, some of us have been forced to take loans to sustain our businesses, repaying the loans has become a major problem,”  he reiterated.