Vihiga residents urged to wait for the planting season, despite weather pattern

The head of the Kenya Meteorological Department Vihiga branch has urged residents to be patient when it comes to planting, despite the current weather pattern

Vihiga County residents have been advised not be in a hurry to plant during this rainy period. The region has experienced plenty of rainfall during the start of the year and this has made farmers consider planting early. Speaking in his office, Abraham Changara, the head of Kenya Metrological Department Vihiga branch, warned farmers against planting adding that the rains are here for a short period.

He added that the planting season in the County is always in March, and the short rains will stop at the end of month urging farmers to remain patient and wait for the long rains that come in much. ‚ÄúPlanting season in Vihiga is in March nothing has changed, am calling upon them to exercise a bit of patience and wait for the right planting season,” he said. Changara reiterated that they will communicate to farmers the right time to plant.