Vihiga students to go back to school Monday

The 184 students' 2015 KCSE results were cancelled after they cheated in biology and chemistry papers

Vihiga High school principal Ezekiel Ayego in his office

Vihiga high school students are set to resume studies after their KCSE results were cancelled over exam malpractice.

The students are expected to report back on Monday next week after a stormy meeting between the administration and parents who were angered after 184 students missed their results.

Earlier the principal Ezekiel Ayego said Chemistry results for all students had a score of Y while a few got Y in Biology.

Vihiga High school principal Ezekiel Ayego in his office

According one of the guardians Collins Asunga, the full year fees has been slashed to reduce the burden on parents who will be forced to pay for the second time.

He said they had discussion with the Principal about the affected students and they agreed to reduce the total fee by about shillings 20,000.

Asunga said the principal asked parents to pay part of the costs since the government would not subsidize the fees for the affected students.

“The principal said that the government will not pay for them exam registration fee of shillings 5,000 and boarding of shillings 12, 000,”said Asunga.

Normally the government pays part of the fees for students in both primary and secondary schools.

He said the school had purchased extra mattresses, beds and lockers for the students to start studying for the exams.

He noted that the school also agreed to have extra teachers who will prepare the students for the National examinations.

Asunga spoke after attending the closed door meeting where journalists were barred from entering the school compound.

The principal said the media were reporting and concentrating too much on the school over results cancellation.