Vulnerable families in Chesumei receive food donations

Chesumei MP Wilson Kogo

Over 2,000 vulnerable families from across Chesumei constituency have received food donations courtesy of the area MP Wilson Kogo in partnership with the Eastern Africa Baraton. 
Speaking during the distribution exercise at Chesumei CDF offices in Chemundu, Kogo said he saw it good to remember the vulnerable during this hard economical times posed by the Covid-19 pandemic saying what the government is giving out as relief food doesn’t reach all the needy people especially at the grass root levels.

He lamented that the committee on relief food tasked to oversee its distribution had failed in their work, citing a lack of fairness. He called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to intervene and ensure the food reaches the targeted people. “The committee tasked with the oversight of relief food distributions has failed the President terribly for not exercising fairness to all,” he affirmed. Kogo cited that majority of the identified needy families in villages have not received the food urging the President to ensure such target groups of receive the help they need during the pandemic.

Apart from food distributions, the beneficiaries also received free masks and sanitizers and were reminded to ensure they strictly adhere to the Ministry of Health Coronavirus infection prevention directives.