Vulnerable families in Lugari receive cash to cushion them from Covid-19 effects

Lugari Deputy County Commissioner William Lenaremo when he addressed press in his office

A total 731 vulnerable families in Lugari Sub County have received over Kshs. 2.1 million from the National government as a way of cushioning them from the ripple effects of the Coronavirus.

Speaking in his office when he addressed the press on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s economic recovery plan post the Coronavirus pandemic, Lugari Deputy County Commissioner William Lenaremo said each family has been receiving Kshs 1000 per week for the last three weeks thus totaling to Kshs. 2,193,000 that has already bee given in the ongoing support programme to the vulnerable in the area.

“His Excellence President Uhuru Kenyatta in his speech has talked a lot on government’s intervention on the effects of COVID – 19,  one of the main interventions so far that our community in Lugari has benefited from is the intervention of vulnerable family members greatly affected after the government introduced the curfew and restricted movement and therefore the aim of this intervention is to assist rebuild economy of our family members in this area,” said Lenaremo.

Also Lenaremo disclosed that the youth programme dubbed ‘Kazi  Mtaani’ is in the pipeline.

He said that his office has already given out names of the youths to be enrolled in the programme whereby they will be working in the villages by doing sanitation and be paid by the national government to uplift them.

He said there were many other activities that the government was putting in place in the economic recovery process.

In cushioning farmers, the DCC said the government is also looking at infrastructure as the key area that hampers the marketing of produce from farmers.

He said in Lugari roads are major challenge that makes farmers to suffer more as they encounter difficulties to access the markets.

Lugari being a maize producing area, Lenaremo said as the farmers were being assisted to ensure they get good yields they should also be help to get market for their produce

“That’s the area I would say we need to put more as government to support the farmers by improving  infrastructure and also the National Cereal and Produce Board should be given resources to purchase the maize from farmers at earlier time so that they can intervene with market prices and save the farmer. This will go long way in assisting them in the intervention of economic recovery,”  said Lenaremo.