Wamunyinyi on Nzoia sugar farmers and workers

DAP-K party leader and Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi
DAP-K party leader and Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi

Kanduyi Member of Parliament Wafula Wamunyinyi has assured Western Kenya sugarcane farmers to worry no more since their arrears will be deposited to their bank accounts soon.

Wamunyinyi confirmed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s sentiments during Mashujaa day, where he directed the national treasury to allocate 1.5 billion to the sugar sub-sector to be appropriated towards factory maintenance and payment of farmers’ arrears.

“We have been fighting for farmers asking the President to intervene, and I am happy the President has yielded to send the Agriculture Cabinet Secretary to come and attend to the matters with Nzoia Sugar getting Ksh 500 million out of the 1.5 Ksh billion.” Said Wamunyinyi.

Concerning the issue of funds embezzlement, Wamunyinyi affirmed that the funds will be deposited directly to farmers’ bank account there will be no middlemen in the process.

He also confirmed that the parliament had voted in favor of the sugar bill. Should it be remembered that he initiated the bill that will see changes implemented in the sugar sub-sector? The bill awaits implementation in order for it to start functioning.

The bill will ensure that there is order and provide a framework regulating the sugar industry. It will also bring on board farmers representatives in the sugar board which will be reinstated. The bill will introduce the sugar development fund which will oversee the collection of revenues in the sugar industry.

These revenues will be used in case of any emergencies in the companies.

The bill will also integrate the use of research to introduce the best sugar varieties that will yield high quantities of sugar.

Wamunyinyi thanked both farmers and workers of Nzoia Sugar Company for being patient and keeping the company alive.

He warned politicians to keep off politicizing the sugar sub-sector and instead come together in building the pride of Western.

By Rayzone