War of words between Kiminini MP Dr. Chris Wamalwa and Trans Nzoia police boss


Police officers attached to Kiminini Sub County in Trans Nzoia County are in big trouble after area Member of Parliament Chris Wamalwa instructed members of the public to take photographs of officers who mistreat them and send them via whatsapp to be tabled on the floor of the house.

Speaking at St Anne’s area within Kiminini Township the legislator noted that officers were following locals especially mama mbogas to their homes to arrest them for violating curfew hours yet they are late by five minutes.

“You are a police officer yes we know but this mama mboga has just closed her business at 7 pm and she is crossing the road to go to her home you follow her to her house in the name of violating curfew let her photograph you so that you tell us what you want in her house.” Said Wamalwa

He said that he will table the photographs on the floor of the house so that the culprits will get stiffer punishments.

“You officers sitting behind me, we are going to deal with you perpendicularly. Stop harassing my electorate in the name of undertaking curfew rules if you are photographed and your picture is sent to me via my Whatsapp, I am going to call the CS in charge of you and show him what his officers are doing in Kiminini.” added the
furious Wamalwa.

Wamalwa further castigated the move by the police officers to use local bikes known as boda bodas instead of their official cars so as to ease their pursuit of local mama mbogas.

“I wonder why you chose only mama mbogas yet they are hustling to feed their children. Is it the ease to nab them or you know they have the day’s cash so that you can easily ask for a bribe.”

However police departments in Trans nzoia County have come out with guns blazing and rubbished claims by Kiminini legislator that they were terrorizing residents in his constituency.

Responding to claims made by Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa when he alleged that police officers from the area were targeting locals especially mama mbogas in their quest to enforce curfew rules Trans Nzoia County police Commandant Fredrick Ochieng has come out and rubbished the second term MP’s sentiments terming them as cheap politics.

“This is just mere politicking that does not move a trained and professional police officer. By saying that he will deal with Police officers perpendicularly, he meant taking police conduct to the floor of parliament for debate” Ochieng stated in a whatsapp comment concerning the MPs claims.

He further urged the Mp to bring the matter to the floor of the house saying that as national police service know their mandate and were ready to answer to any queries about their conduct or that of their officers on the ground as they were led by police standing orders.

“That is not a big deal and cannot in any way whatsoever prevent the police from carrying out their statutory duties. Let him bring a parliamentary question about police conduct in  Kiminini and we shall respond as appropriately,” Said Ochieng.

He further rubbished claims by the MP directing the affected people to photograph police who use boda bodas to follow them to their houses and send him via his whats app number to table to the national assembly saying that parliament had no jurisdiction to castigate officers who broke the law.

“Parliament is not a court of law for trying police misconduct. Taking a policeman photograph to parliament for debate about police misconduct is not an abuse and will not deter an officer from enforcing law and order. The police action will always be activated by the rule of law as stated in the constitution and our police standing

For now the county police boss has dared Wamalwa to make true his threats so as substantiate his claims over harassment to his electorates and stop mixing politics and police duties. “Mere words as uttered above do not amount to a threat unless
accompanied by some actions sufficiently proximate to the intention. However, it is also important to note that parliament is not a court of law for trying police misconduct. Thanks,” concluded his early morning reply to the MP