War of words between Sitikho MCA and top Bungoma county leaders

Bungoma County top leaders in Sitikho ward
Bungoma County top leaders in Sitikho ward

There was a bitter exchange of words in a certain burial in Sitikho ward between the area MCA Grace Sundukwa and top county leaders concerning the employment of village administrators an exercise that has resulted to MCAs planning to impeach Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati.

The Deputy County Secretary Isaac Mukenya asked Sundukwa to be open enough and appreciate the development projects initiated by the Governor in Sitikho ward and advised her not to accept to be used by MCAs who have served for long in the County Assembly to do things that might cost her political ambitions.

“Sitikho people, you voted for Grace as your MCA to go and work with the Governor so that you witness the results, and she is a young girl when she loses this seat it will be a problem to pick up in life therefore she should know how to work with the County, Honorable Grace you have to respect leaders and you should know how to play your political cards, we have politicians who have served for long in the County Assembly and they are misusing you to sign for Wangamati’s impeachment and you have not yet finished a five year term, know that as you are busy with Wangamati’s impeachment you will go home yourself,” stated Mukenya

The Sitikho legislator wanted Bungoma County government to publish the names of qualified village admins after the interviews were conducted as she added that youths who don’t have employment to be prioritized.

She alleged that Sitikho ward has not benefited anything development wise from the Wangamati government.

“Our children did village admins interviews, Waziri Renson I appeal to you kindly let the deserved cases be given priority , don’t give this opportunity to county government workers, don’t consider teachers who are already employed and earning, as MCAs we are not opposing the employment of village admins  but we want people who have never worked to be given the opportunity first, bring the list of those who merited , you can’t just come and stand here and say that I want to impeach Wangamati, can I impeach Wangamati alone? Sitikho people voted for Wangamati not just I alone and when they want development it is his mandate not that he can’t work for them because of Grace, what has Sitikho people benefitted from Bungoma government? Total nothing!”she affirmed

Roads and Infrastructure CEC Collins Mukhongo wanted Sitikho MCA to learn to speak the truth as he revealed the projects initiated by Wangamati government in the area and urged voters to keep all leaders on check and gauge them after a period of five years.

“This is the kind of character we are rebuking in the society, there is no way you can speak and leave when we haven’t reacted on your allegations and yet you wanted us to listen to you, when an old man addresses you and you stand speaking while crying that shows that you know the problem that is between you and the person who has addressed you,” said Mukhongo

“Sitikho people, it is you who voted for these leaders, you voted for Wangamati and Grace for a period of five years and as you know no one is perfect to work well but after a period of five years elapses we can ask and demand to know what they did, if somebody never worked for the people then should pack and go home but if one worked well be given five more years,” he added

“We have leaders here in Bungoma who imagine that minus them Bungoma can’t move forward, Bungoma people are suffering, they have suffered for long as if there has never been a government , as we took over Bungoma government in 2017 we promised to bring change and we are trying to ensure that Bungoma rises to a different level, Bungoma people are not fools if there is a leader who is fighting day in day out take him/ her home in 2022 people want development not  unnecessary daily fights,” asserted Mukhongo

Renson Makheti, Water, Environment and Resources CEC wanted MCAs to work for the electorates and stop engaging in misleading politics as he urged them to have a stand when dealing with serious matters.

“Governor saw the structure and need of employing youths, and as an MCA you stand and say that when he does that you will impeach him, will you be supporting the exercise really?” Questioned Makheti

“Again you stand here saying that you want youths without jobs to be employed and in your same statement you have said that if the Governor goes ahead with the exercise you will impeach him. To our elected leaders kindly learn how to frame your statements and tell people your minds not fluctuating daily and work for these people who elected you,” he recommended

The area MCA left the burial before the two CECs addressed mourners.