Warning of terror attack issued in Western region


People from the larger western region have been warned of an impending terror attack in the region.

The call came from the western region police coordinator Moses Ombati who wanted all residents from the region to be careful and report any suspicious persons or activities so as to avoid the attack.

Intelligence shows that terrorists may target to attack Kakamega County during this festive season after previous terror plots were successfully prevented before they got to the execution stage.

Ombati revealed reports received by his office from the intelligence unit indicated that the terrorists have plans to attack shopping malls, entertainment centers, bus stages, churches and other crowded areas within the region.

According to Ombati, an attack of that kind has never taken place in the region and the terrorists could be taking advantage of the same given that most people may not be keen.

Ombati was however quick enough to add that measures have been taken to ensure that residents within the region are safe especially this Christmas season.

He said that as a department they have placed police officers, uniformed and non- uniformed in strategic places to control the vice.

In Kakamega, operations conducted saw five terror suspects from Tanzania, a Muslim cleric and a teenager arrested at a Mosque in Shianda, Mumias East Sub County nabed.

On roads that are associated with deaths and injuries, Ombati said that they have a great focus and have deployed police officers to ensure that speed, luggage, and overloading are well dealt with.

“We have recalled all the police officers who were on leave for us to have strength for deployment during this season. All of them will be fully on duty to ensure that citizens are safe.” Said Ombati.

On general security of the region, Ombati said that the level of crime is low at the moment.

He revealed that they have arrested key suspects linked to insecurity especially motorcycle thieves that have been a menace in the region for quite some time.