Water deficiency in Bungoma town

Bungoma residents waiting to fetch water
Bungoma residents waiting to fetch water

Communities without water are affected by waterborne diseases and overburdened health centers. Without water and hygiene awareness, diarrhea leads to poor nutrient absorption, immune reduction and malnutrition. Food production e.g. restaurants, canteens, slaughterhouses and canteens lacking water can be a source of health risks.

Some productive activities, especially agriculture cannot function without access to water. The lack of sustainable access to water leads to uncontrolled exploitation of the resource with an environmental impact that, in some cases, may become irreversible.

Mrs. Violet Wakoli, a resident in Bungoma town speaking to the press, talks about how they have had shortage of water. She said the reason why there is water shortage is because of the construction of the dual carriage way in town from Musikoma to Kanduyi whereby most of the pipes have been cut during the construction.


“We all have to be patient and wait till the road is completed so that the water department should avail their officials from the office of maintenance to fix again all the pipes that have been disconnected so that we can get water again,’’ she said

By Dorine Oundo