We are our own enemies, women told

Rebbeca Murunga speaking to the press at Narati village in Soysambu -Mitua ward.
Rebbeca Murunga speaking to the press at Narati village in Soysambu -Mitua ward.

Women have been urged to utilize their numbers by electing their fellow women who are vying for different political seats across the country.

Speaking to women at Narati village in Soysambu -Mitua ward in Tongaren Constituency, MCA candidate on Jubilee ticket Rebbeca Murunga said for a long time women have been undermined  and perceived by men that their work is only at the kitchen but time has come for such belief to be changed as many women have come up politically to battle out with men for political space in various positions.

She however complained that many women seem not to be ready to support their own with no apparent reason.

“We have numbers as women of this country, we make way above half of the country’s voting bloc but we never utilize it because we undermine each other and some still believe their own women cannot lead and this should stop because anywhere women have led , we have realized fantastic development which means we can do better than men if given an opportunity and therefore I appeal to you my fellow women of Kenya let’s go for it by electing women in different positions and we will deliver,” said Miss Murunga.

She added that rural women have had a lot of challenges and need a lot of sensitization to believe in women leadership.

She has called on their men counterparts to stop harassing them and treat them as their sisters and politics should not be used as a tool to undermine women in political rallies.

“Sometimes our brothers in politics have really harassed us especially given that some women seeking elective positions have financial challenge compared to men and therefore some and not all use this chance to undermine us but we will continue fighting for our political space and get to where we want so that we can bring different narrative as far as development is concerned and I appeal to people of Soysambu -Mitua to stand with me in this journey to posterity because the match to the land of Canaan is real,” she added

Miss Murunga has also called on peaceful campaigns and election period approach asking politicians to cease using youths to disrupt their opponents’ meetings and rallies but instead engage the electorates on issue based politics that will give hope to the young and elderly.

“We don’t want to experience again post election violence and skirmishes that we witnessed during 2007 General Elections, most of our innocent Kenyans especially youths lost their lives, some people left their homes and many lost their properties because of an exercise of one day.

“Elections will come and go but it shouldn’t be a do or die thing but it should be friendly fire of development promissory to all politicians across the country and across the political divide, ” she noted

She promised to make Soysambu -Mitua ward a better place if given an opportunity in the 9th August polls.