We need a police post at Kapseng’ere area, Terik ward MCA appeals to the government


Terik ward member of county assembly Hon Osborn Komen has urged the government to hear the plea of residents by erecting a police post at Kapseng’ere region to assist in beefing up security. 

Komen said that there has been rampant insecurity cases in Aldai constituency and that putting a police post at Kapseng’ere area will aid in security matters thus asked the government through the area MP Hon Cornelius Serem to consider the matter by making it a priority. 

He added that him as a member of county assembly of Terik ward had given his representation to the area MP to have a police post at Kapseng’ere in a bid to help in security matters in the region.  He has appealed to the Mp to ensure total priority of the construction of the police post is catered for through allocation of enough funds. 

His appeal comes some few days after a trader at Kobujoi trading center in Nandi south was robbed off his property by unknown assailants raising questions among the leaders on safety of the residents. 

The honorable member urged Aldai leaders to hold a security meeting in order to discuss the way forward on security issues affecting the residents.