Webuye East residents unhappy with the Governor’s appointments

Webuye East leaders/ residents have voiced their displeasure with the Governor's appointments
Webuye East leaders/ residents have voiced their displeasure with the Governor's appointments

Residents of Webuye East constituency in Bungoma County are up in arms over the recent appointments made by Bungoma County Governor Wycliffe Wangamati saying they have been given a raw deal despite having fully supported the Governor by voting for him.

Led by Ndivisi ward MCA Martin Wanyonyi Pepela, the residents said it is unfortunate that with all the lucrative ministries they were awarded the ICT and record keeping docket in the position of the chief officer saying it is a mockery to the community.

He also divulged that the position of deputy Governor held by professor Charles Ngome has been ceremonial to them saying they have not felt any impact as the deputy governor is normally delegated to perform unwarranted tasks such as attending funerals.

“We supported this government because we knew professor Ngome was part of it and would be granted the opportunity to perform his duty well but as it seems now we are not happy as he is not directly being involved in critical decision making” he said.

His sentiments were echoed by Mihuu ward MCA Violet Makhanu who expressed her disappointment saying they fully supported the Governor and on several forums they had discussed the issue of appointments saying they are not happy with the position they were given.

She said the regional balance issue has been overlooked at the expense of other constituencies citing Tongaren and Bumula as being favoured in the appointments.

Nominated MCA Metrine Nangalama also weighed in on the matter saying having been nominated on the Ford Kenya ticket, she has been advocating for the people of Webuye East to be given better slots in appointments’ which she said has to be implemented.

Tachoni council of elders chairman Wasilwa Se Wekesa also concurred with the concerns saying they were anticipating appointments’ in the Roads or Education Ministries.