Webuye West MP calls head teachers to cooperate with their junior staff

Webuye West MP Dan Wanyama
Webuye West MP Dan Wanyama

Webuye West legislator Dan Sitati Wanyama has called on head teachers in various schools in his Constituency to cooperate with their junior teachers in order to improve academic standards.

Addressing parents, teachers and pupils of Cheng’oli primary school while opening a new story building of six classes build by CDF, said some schools in his constituency particularly Mahanga primary in Bokoli ward have been lagging behind in academics even after his efforts to put up such same storey building.

He took an issue with the school head who he says has failed to work well with his staff something that resulted to the first pupil in 2021 KCPE  to get 170 marks, affirming he won’t tolerate that anymore because she is ruining the school which has been an academic giant in the ward for a long time.

Cheng'oli primary school storey that was opened
Cheng’oli primary school storey that was opened

“How can a school have the first pupil candidate scoring 170 marks and yet we have all the needed infrastructure in the school and only to realize that the head teacher does not cooperate with her staff and the community at large?” Asked Wanyama.

He has called on Teachers Service Commission to transfer the teacher as the pupils in the school are suffering and asked Bungoma East Kenya National Union of Teachers branch to stop protecting lazy teachers.

“I want that head teacher to be transferred with immediate effect and not to be taken to another school but to the head office as she awaits for her retirement because we can’t transfer a problem from one school to another because we will be killing a generation,” said Wanyama.

Wanyama also criticized the new education curriculum CBC which he says timing was wrong as the country was not ripe enough to handle the new education sysetm citing that even some teachers who are supposed to deliver the curriculum to learners are not well versed with the new education system and therefore it has complicated matters a lot and brought a new burden to parents who are going through hard moments due to high cost of living being experienced in the country at the moment.

He assured parents that when Kenya Kwanza coalition takes power on August their first agenda on the table with be to look into education sector seriously and revert it back to 8:4:4, the system he says the best.

“When you want to kill the young generation, you don’t need bombs but you temper with education system and the whole generation will die and therefore I ask you wholeheartedly to vote in Kenya Kwanza coalition government which will help solve education issues and also revive the economy of the country which is now on its knees because of the much praised handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Premier Rt. Raila Odinga, they should all retire and go home peacefully and allow the young generation to show how leadership is conducted,” said Wanyama amid applause from parents.

On her part, the head teacher of Cheng’oli primary school Mrs. Alice Amunala, appreciated the area MP Dan Wanyama for the good gesture of the storey building which will go a long way to help the school especially during this hundred percent transition and the new education system.

Cheng'oli primary school head teacher Alice Amunala
Cheng’oli primary school head teacher Alice Amunala

” I really want to appreciate our area MP for the infrastructure but we still need more and I promise that we are going to work harder and give the best results that suits the attractive building but we also request for school playing ground for the learners because CBC entails experimenting and practical which need more space and the number of learners is overwhelming after posting good results,” said Mrs. Amunala

She asked parents to continue cooperating with the school management to improve in academic standards.

Misikhu location Chief Kisuya
Misikhu location Chief Kisuya

Misikhu location Chief Mr. Paul Kisuya warned parents who still have learners at home even after the schools opening and said from next week they will be visiting every home and village and if any child will be found that has not reported to school the respective parent will be arrested and face the law.