West Media appreciated for its efforts in the society

NDIMI CBO Mumbo FM fans of Webuye East
NDIMI CBO Mumbo FM fans of Webuye East

West Media Company has been praised for bringing together its viewers, listeners and readers for the sake of development.

Speaking during Mumbo FM fans meeting under NDIMI CBO in Misimo village, Lutacho sub location, Ezekiel Nyongesa the assistant chief of the area appreciated the oneness and togetherness of Mumbo fans as he stated that the coming together of residents and involving in various activities has reduced criminal cases hence bringing development in the region as he urged residents who are not in groups to make a step of joining.

“I would like to register my appreciation for West Media Company by coming up with an idea of bringing together its people, actually this is a plus for it has helped us as administrators because there are minimal cases nowadays since people are engaged in development oriented activities  and have no time to go against the law,” stated Nyongesa

“If you come from this area and you haven’t joined any group kindly do so and move together with other people because of development,” he added

The administrator urged fans to continue adhering to government’s health protocol to curb the spread of Covid-19 as they undertake their activities in their meetings as he told parents to ensure that their children get back to school as schools will be reopening on Monday next week and warned those who have a tendency of staying home with their children that they will be caught by the law.

“And to parents schools are opening next week , make sure your children report back to school, we don’t want a situation where a parent is faced by the law for keeping their children at home as others continue with learning,” he asserted

His sentiments were echoed by the chairperson of NDIMI CBO Ben Kisiang’ani who revealed what the CBO is engaging in to see that its members are empowered hence curbing poverty.

“First of all I would like to appreciate all who are here today because of this meeting, as leaders we sat down and thought of an empowerment programme that will help our people get out of poverty that is why we came up with an idea of contributing money and divide into five members in each group, so today we have handed cash to five members of Simana Mumbo salaams club,” said Kisiang’ani

He thanked their area MCA Martin Pepela for the contribution he send them as he urged him to continue supporting them in their development course as Webuye East constituency Mumbo fans.

Some of the beneficiaries expressed their contentment of being part of West Media as they encouraged residents who are not in any salaams club to join them so that they can benefit from the projects initiated by the groups.

“I am Judith Kakai of Simana Mumbo FM salaams club, I want to thank NDIMI CBO for they have given me money, am among the first beneficiaries of this empowerment programme, I had a small house therefore am going to use this money to extend it, I was just hearing about Mumbo I never knew there are good things in here, so if you are not a member come so that we move together for your own benefit,” she said

“My name is Eunice Wavinya, am a Kamba  married here in Tachoni, I would like to thank my CBO Chairperson and my group’s chairperson for they have never sidelined me, I have been given money and my child is in college so am going to use this money to buy him a lap top, Mumbo has really helped us,” she remarked