West Media fans receive goats from their salaams club in Bungoma South

Members of Syoya Oasis West FM Salaams club- Bumula

Three fans of Syoya Oasis West FM Salaams club in Kabula ward, Bumula Constituency expressed their joy after they were given milking goats from their fellow fans.

“I am Silas Sikuku, and am very happy today  because of the project that is ongoing in my salaams club of giving goats to members, I am among the first beneficiaries  therefore I am urging my fellow fans to unite and work together so that we can initiate other different projects.  I am Judith Mulongo, and I am happy to be given a goat, what I can tell other listeners is to come and join our salaams club so that we can initiate different projects together.” “I am Janet Wanjala, I would like to thank this salaams club for considering me to be among the first beneficiaries and thank our leaders for bringing us together because of the development agenda,” they revealed

Milton Masinde, chairperson of Syoya Oasis Salaams club encouraged members to have unity, work together so that they can involve in more different projects that will benefit them.

Members who received goats

“We have a project of giving milking goats to our members and it is not only this we are doing other projects like helping members pay school fees for their children, so am urging all members to sacrifice themselves that we involve much in developmental projects, therefore if there is a listener who hasn’t joined any salaams club come so that we can work together since unity is key in our today’s life,” said Masinde.

Either, Bungoma South West FM Salaams club administrator Operator Meshack wa Lunao applauded Syoya Oasis fans for that project, urged fans from other salaams clubs to follow suit and initiate projects that will help them as he appreciated West Media for being there all the time because of its fans.

“I would like to appreciate the chairperson of this salaams club together with his office for thinking and starting this project, I urge other groups to also do such projects especially groups within Bungoma South, let us involve in different projects that are beneficial to our members so that they can feel the value of being in these salaams clubs,” recommended Meshack.

“ I would like to thank West Media Company for standing with us both in joy and in problems, that is a plus, and I urge that they continue with the same spirit since this makes us as fans to feel as part of West Media family, “ he added

At the end of the project 52 members are expected to benefit.