West Media fans told to observe Covid-19 rules

A section of West Media fans
A section of West Media fans

West Media fans have been told to strictly follow the government’s regulations on the control of Covid-19.

Addressing mourners during the burial of Mama Delila Wandabwa Wekesa, mother to Fridah Kinisu and Everylne Nang’eni of Sudi Mumbo Salaams Club in Sipala village, Mihuu ward Webuye East constituency in Bungoma County, one of the leaders of Mumbo FM Galilaya umbrella Paul Njete appreciated West Media for standing with them as he urged Sipala residents to join various salaams clubs in the area so that they can participate in different projects together.

“Corona is real and we are finding it difficult having meetings, therefore during any meeting let us all adhere to the government’s regulations against the spread of Covid-19 so that we protect ourselves from being infected,” said Njete

Fridah Kinisu who lost her mother-in-law thanked West Media for bringing together its listeners and viewers so that they can involve in various development projects for their own benefit.

“We came together under West Media to help each other in various things like school fees, when we have any function or problem, West Media stands with us and we are grateful about that like today as the company send their representative in this funeral people from this area are so happy and they have realized that we are at a good place,” stated Mrs. Kinisu

She however appreciated all fans from different salaams groups that turned up and stood with her during that period of grief.

“I want to take this chance to thank my fellow fans from other salaams clubs who have come and stood with me, it is my prayer that as West Media salaams clubs let us continue standing with each other as you have done to me,” she added

Samson Nabutola, Mihuu ward administrator who also attended the funeral revealed that the plans of Bungoma County scholarship programme are underway and will be announced to the public soon as he stated that the exercise of selecting beneficiaries will specifically be pupils and students from needy families.

“We have scholarship programme which you all know, we assist children pursue their education and we are not going to support all children, we want to see how we can help children who performed well in their national exams but they come from needy families, therefore we are going to announce when the programme shall roll on so what you need to do is to come in my office and pick scholarship forms,” said Nabutola