West Media salaams clubs investing in beneficial projects

Some of Nebaka Network Searching salaams club group members during the official launch.
Some of Nebaka Network Searching salaams club group members during the official launch.

As economy continues rocking the country with basic commodity’s price rocking, Nebaka Network Searching salaams club under Mumbo FM radio of West Media in Misikhu ward, Webuye West Constituency has found great ways of uplifting the lives of members by venturing into business.

After contributing money for some time they have purchased a one hundred new tent and a hundred new Plastic chairs for hire and make some profit which every end year they will be sharing dividends.

Addressing members during the official launch of the tent and chairs that cost the group more than one hundred and fifty thousands, the group chair lady Mrs. Caroline Chebukaka said they have achieved alot as a group since apart from the tent and chairs, they have also in the past distributed cows, sheep, goats and chicken to some members and this has uplifted living standards of members and some have been able to take care of family needs including education of their children.

“We have really achieved a lot without any support from politicians and I attribute this achievement to hard work and the good relationship I enjoy with our members who gave it all to see to it that we achieve the goals we set this year and when you go round in every home of all these members you will get something that he or she has benefited from our great group,” said the chair lady Mrs. Caroline Chebukaka.

She added that they are not yet done as they are aiming at getting a new PSV Nissan in future and appealed for leaders from the region to support their noble course that will create job opportunities for some youths from the group, but however appealed to politicians that however much they need their support they should not cause disunity in the group.

“The reason why we have not involved politicians in our activities is because most of them come with different intentions, they would want to use their monies and cause divisions and we have seen many groups collapse due to infiltration of politicians but however we welcome them to stand with us, advise us but most importantly leave us more united,” added Mrs. Chebukaka

Nebaka Network Searching Salaams club chair lady Mrs. Caroline Chebukaka.
Nebaka Network Searching Salaams club chair lady Mrs. Caroline Chebukaka.

Webuye West Mumbo salaams club CBO chairman David Makhanu who joined in the celebration congratulated the group for the good work and encouraged them to continue with the same spirit by impressing team work, transparency and accountability all the time.

The group’s project coordinator Mrs. Janet Wangila requested the Lukhuna people who are not in the groups to join them so that they can steer development together adding that they cannot enjoy funding as individuals but only when one belongs to a group.

Group members who are still young in marriage also received marriage counseling from a 91 year old Mrs. Zippora Namaemba Siara appealing to them to be patient in life and budget within the family means.

” These days we are experiencing a lot of marriage break ups and divorce because today’s marriage doesn’t embrace advise, they never get time to learn each other and understand each other and some married women are never patient with life, they get married to someone because of wealth and not love and the moment they realize there is no money anymore because of challenges in life they decide to abandon their marriages and leave children to suffer, kindly let us be strong and take care of our family as God wants us to do,” said Mama Zippora Namaemba.

Mama Zippora Namaemba Siara- group advisor and marriage counselor.
Mama Zippora Namaemba Siara- group advisor and marriage counselor.

Lukhuna village elder Mr. Ronald Kundu who attended the celebration congratulated the group adding that West Media salaams club have changed greatly the perception of the community and now most of women are hardworking and this has cultivated the art of competition and they no longer have hard time to solve petty cases linked to domestic issues that they used to because everyone is busy doing something constructive.

“Am appealing to all the people within my village and Webuye West  as a whole to join these groups, we are seeing development,these days we buy milk from the group members now we have a new tent and chairs which will help the community, ” said Lukhuna village elder.

The group meets every Monday for table banking where members are also allowed to borrow monies from treasury and refund with some minimal interest that sustains the group.