West Media Salaams clubs members urged to venture into farming projects

Mbele Kuzuri Salaams club members receiving a cow

West Media Salaams clubs members have been encouraged to venture into farming projects. Speaking to West Media after giving out a cow to a member of Mbele Kuzuri Salaams Club in Sirisia village, Misikhu ward in Webuye West constituency, Bungoma umbrella Salaams clubs vice chairman Timothy Wanyonyi urged other Salaams clubs to follow the good example set by Mbele Kuzuri and engage in different profit making activities that will not only make them busy but will also boost their economic status.

Wanyonyi said the Coronavirus pandemic had taught them a lesson and changed their way of thinking as far as economic growth is concerned, adding that projects will help them since many members have lost their jobs. uplifting economy is concerned, saying projects will help as many members lost their jobs. He revealed that he plans to bring professionals in agribusiness on board to sensitize the Clubs members and identify viable projects.

The group project manager Anthony Juma said the project is aimed at developing the groups adding that they began with a goats rearing project after table banking and now they are plan to make sure every member of the group gets a cow. He was quick to note that they’ll have a committee tasked to monitor and evaluate the well being and state of the cows in order to mitigate any losses, an idea supported by group chairperson Pamela Muse. She also urged residents from Misikhu and Webuye at large who haven’t joined Salaams clubs to do so.