West Media Salaams clubs show generosity to the less privileged.

Mr. Peter sibhoko chairman addressing the fans during the fundraising at sosio Village in kimilili constituency.

West Media salams clubs from Kimilili sub-county have come together for a fund drive to raise money to purchase a piece of land in order to support a widow, who is a member of junior Westfm salams club within Simama in Kamukuywa ward Kimilili constituency.

Addressing during the fund drive at Sosio Village in Kamukuywa ward, Simama CBO chairman Mr. Peter Sibhoko said after seeing what their member who is an elderly woman was going through, made them come up with the initiative to help her purchase land so that she can have her own home and live like other people.

Sibhoko added that he had learned that Mama Magret Nang’oni sometimes slept at the verandah of some shops which was very risky as she could be raped and killed. ” As West Media fans family, we found this problem urgent and we decided to solicit funds from our members and friends to help her because our coming together was meant to support each other and work together in terms of development,” said Mr Peter Sibhoko.

He appealed to members to also make sure that they take their children to school as it’s the only way towards fighting poverty and making sure that their children can suit well to the community. Kimilili sub-county fans chairman Mr. Stephen Musambai urged fellow fans to work together and help each other especially at the hour of need like what they were doing, saying it’s not good to help the person once they are dead but give the support when one is still alive.

He encouraged the groups to engage in viable projects which will help the growth of their welfare and individuals and also urged all members to work together to make sure that there is progress in the community. He appealed to members who have land to put in agribusiness to boost the income-generating activities by planting both short and long-season crops, especially during this rainy season. 

Mama Margaret Nang’oni Wafula appreciated the West Media family for supporting her to make sure that she has a place to call home and asked residents of Kamukuywa and to some extend, Kimilili constituency who have not joined groups to feel free and join West Media salams clubs which have developmental plans and projects for its members.