West Pokot woman rep calls for increase of affirmative action fund

West Pokot woman representative Lilian Tomitom
West Pokot woman representative Lilian Tomitom

West Pokot Woman Representative Lillian Tomitom has asked the government to increase the allocation of the affirmative Action Social Development Fund to eradicate poverty in Counties that were previously affected by banditry and cattle rustling activities. Speaking  at Sarmach, the County woman MP said the funds are not enough to cater for the needs of residents. She said peace has been restored in the region and most youths who were engaging in the vice are idle and need to be empowered.

Tomitom said if the allocation is increased, it will help most of the reformed warriors in the region start alternative projects that will enable them to sustain their families. “Most of the youths who engaged in cattle rustling used to depend on the outdated cultural practices to sustain themselves and we need to transform them to help in enhancing peaceful coexistence in this region,” she said.

The West Pokot woman representative said most of the youths in the region had formed youth groups and were engaging in small micro-economic activities that they need the government to support them.

She also asked reformed warriors who have already registered their groups to apply for the Fund so that they can access the funds and start businesses. “Let’s not fear. We need to develop this region and you are the best people to help us in transforming this area,” she said. She noted that a bigger percentage of cattle rustling activities happen in the area because youths are not empowered, and lack resources.

She further challenged women, youths and people living with disabilities in the County to make use of the various funds being disbursed by the national government to improve their livelihoods.