Residents who sold land urged to transfer ownership of title deeds to owners

The West Pokot government has given out more than 10,000 title deeds according to Lands, Planning CEC Joel Arumonyang

Residents who sold land in West Pokot County have been urged to process and transfer ownership of title deeds and subdivisions to those who bought and owners in order to help develop the County economically. County CEC for Lands, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development Mr. Joel Arumonyang said that they have identified more than four thousand people in the County from the 1980s to 1990s who haven’t transferred land ownership to the designated owners.

Speaking to the press in his office, Mr. Arumonyang called on individuals who sold land to other people in the County to visit the County land office and process the transfers of title deeds to the owners. “We have identified people in Siyoi, Chepkono, Keringet, Kishaunet, Chepareria, and have also identified that some people sold land to more than one person and it has caused problems,” said Arumonyang.

The CEC called on the Provincial administration and chiefs in the area to help sensitize residents on land transfers and subdivisions to shun land conflicts. “Many people can’t use their lands because they have not been given title deeds by those they bought land from,” he said.

Arumonyang said that the County government has issued more than ten thousand title deeds since the new County administration took over, adding that the percentage of title deeds holders in the County is below 15%.

Furthermore, he said the County government is in the process of constructing one toilet on every market in every ward to improve sanitation and curb the spread of diseases.

Arumonyang said they will also build bodaboda sheds in all urban centres.

He said the beneficiaries have lived in the area since independence but didn’t have titles to the land they occupied adding that the move was aimed at ending land wrangles in the area and help spur development in the area.

“The land ownership in the area has affected the economy of more than 50,000 residents since independence. A title deed is a vital document to any land owner,” he said.

Arumonyang said farmers with title deeds will have to access loans, “The important document will help farmers buy farm equipment and increase their farm productivity,” he said.