West Pokot to benefit from blood bank

Energy CAS and former West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin
Energy CAS and former West Pokot Governor Simon Kachapin

The health sector in West Pokot County is set for a major boost after the construction of a modern blood bank in the region was completed, a clear benefit of devolution. The county government has completed putting up a Kshs. 28 million structure that will benefit residents of the county.

County Chief officer for Health and Sanitation Christine Akuto said that installation of equipment at the facility is still at a procurement stage, and is set to be launched later this year. “We are working under an October deadline to ensure the facility is set up and ready to offer services to our people.This is one of our major projects in the health sector,” she said.

She said the facility will greatly help patients who require a blood transfusion, which had been costly for residents who have to travel to Eldoret to get the service. Akuto added that the facility will help in storage and donation of blood in the region. “This will reduce cases of deaths caused anemia, malaria in the county and assist patients with blood problems,” she said. The diseases are common in the area and many people have succumbed to them since the county did not have a blood bank.

The Chief officer pointed out that the facility will greatly save pregnant mothers who have been losing lives due to delivery complications

One of the resident Carol Cherop thanked the county government for the initiative saying it will reduce the cost of health care and save more lives. “We are very happy with this project because now we will access blood if needed here from our County.We have suffered for many years traveling to Eldoret which is very expensive to us.We really appreciate devolution in our County.” County governor Simon Kachapin said that blood bank constructed in Makutano will help reduce referral cases.

Kachapin said the health sector has been taking a lion share of the Couty budget since the inception of devolution, adding that tremendous achievement has been realized in the  sector. “It’s my desire that we make health care affordable to our people because a healthy society is a wealthy society,” he said.