West Pokot Cabinet reshuffled


West Pokot County Governor John Lonyangapuo has done a mini-reshuffle to his cabinet. This comes barely 8 months after  Governor Lonyangapuo reshuffled his cabinet in August last year.

The changes have affected Health,  Finance and Education dockets as county executive committee CEC members in the department swipe executive roles.

Mrs.Christine Apakoreng who was heading Finance and Economic Planning has been moved to Health and Sanitation department.

There has been a public outcry over deteriorating health services in the county for the past two weeks and the changes might have been done to enhance service’s in the health docket.

Mr.Jackson Yaralima who was under health has been moved to the Education and Vocational Training department.

Ruth Kisabit has been moved to Finance and Economic Planning Department. Ms. Kisabit was in charge of Education and Vocational training department.

Other departments have not yet been touched as the previous CECs continue to serve in their department in the usual capacity. The chief officers in all departments have not also been affected by the recent changes.