West Pokot County Commissioner warns those taking advantage of victims’ donations

West Pokot County Commissioner Apollo Okello
West Pokot County Commissioner Apollo Okello

West Pokot County commissioner Apollo Okello has warned those who were not affected by floods and landslides against taking advantage of the situation by collecting food and non food items from Nyarkualian, Parua and Tamkal camps.

The three camps are accommodating more than 1000 survivors whose houses were swept away by  land slides and floods.

Apollo noted that some people who were not affected come to the camps in the morning and leave in the evening after collecting beddings, utensils and food stuff that is meant for the victims.

He said in the morning the population of the victims is usually high compared during night hours an issue which he said affects the distribution of donations to the affected families leaving some families desolate.

Speaking at Nyarkulain primary school which has been converted into a rescue centre, Apollo said the camp has received a lot of donations from different people and organization but it still devastating to see some of the genuine victims not having beddings.

Apollo who visited some of the homes that were buried by landslides on Sunday said the government had given out food items to the victims especially those who lost everything. “We have enough food for those whose house were buried with landslides, we’ll continue supplying food to them. We have given out utensils, blankets, camping tents and jikos,” he said.

He said the government has plans to relocate and settle the landslide victims to safer grounds. “Construction of low cost house to the survivors will start soon and we are looking at how and where will resettle all victims affected. If  you are not affected just stay at home why are you oppressing those who lost everything by collecting what was meant for them?” he posed, “Some walk kilometers to reach the school and grab the donations.”

He noted that the government will cover hospital and funeral costs for the victims. “The government is working on burial arrangements and we have the names of those who died and before the end of the week we’ll have buried the bodies,” he said.

He urged residents still living in areas prone to landslides to move to safer places adding that deforestation in surrounding mountains might be the main factor leading to landslides.