West Pokot County Jubilee Secretariat faults Jubilee party for not paying them their dues, rent arrears.


The West Pokot County Jubilee Party Secretariat has castigated the top party organs for failing to pay them their dues and the office rent arrears which have accumulated since 2016.

The County party secretariat now wants Jubilee top management to intervene in the matter and pay a total of six million shillings the party owes them.

The debt in question   includes their salaries, vehicles hire money and the County Jubilee office rent in the County of 1.5 million shillings.

Led by the West Pokot County Jubilee woman League Secretariat leader Jane Ruto Longronyang , threatened to move to court and sue the party for failing to pay them and clear the  office rent.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday in Kapenguria, they accused the Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju for being stumbling block over the issue and giving them a blind eye.

‘Tuju does not pick our calls. When you call the Nairobi office you are told to wait.We use a total of 240 vehicles, five in each ward and they are not paid. I have evidence and am still in office,”she said.

“A total of 19 people in the secretariat   were never paid for the job we did  during the  2017 elections.We  moved in every corner in the county hunting for votes .We oversaw the elections  but we came out without anything,”said Ms Longronyang.

She noted that the landlord for the Jubilee office in the county wants to take them to court for not paying rent up to now.

“The landlord is single and disabled .They should pay us before elections,” he said.

She cited that the Jubilee Party failed to give them jobs after working assiduously till the party won elections.

She called on the party to come clear if the funds were released or not.

‘We want the former West Pokot Governor  Simon Kachapin, Mps  David Pkosing (Pokot South) Peter  Lochakapong  (Sigor) , Samuel Moroto (Kapenguria) and West Pokot Woman Representative Lillian Tomitom to come out clear if the funds were released  or not,”she said.

They said that they have no hope with the Jubilee leadership.

“This time, things will not be as usual .They risk missing our votes .The medicine for a debt is to pay,”she said.