West Pokot embarks on road repair urging calmness


West Pokot embarks on road repair urging calmness

West pokot government has embarked on road renovation to ensure that transport sector is not paralyzed during this rain season.

West pokot county executive member for roads and transport Isaac Sebedi asked road users in the region to be calm as they continue working on the roads.

Sebedi said most of the roads that were recently opened by the county need to be renovated and asked drivers to be carefully while using the roads.

“Most of the roads in the county have been washed by heavy rains and residents should be calm as the county continues working on them,” he said.


The chief officer also asked residents to differentiate between the Kenya Rural Roads Authority KeRRA roads, Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) roads and the Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA)roads and the county government roads.

“When it rains most drivers demonstrate and blame the county government for not renovating roads and yet they pay taxes. We need you to know the way roads are classifies and throw the blame to the correct person,” he said.

He asked drivers to be careful while driving since most of the roads are slippery to avoid causing accident.

One of the driver, Emmanuel Kibet from Sook asked the county government to speed up the work since they are unable to arrive at their destination on time.

“Some stretches along Chepareria – Kotit road have been washed away and we are unable to arrive at out destinations on time,” he said.

Kibet said most of the passenger vehicle owners in the region may not be able to repay their loan on time due to the poor state of roads in the region.

“The roads need to be repaired so that transport is not paralyzed to enable passenger vehicles repay their loan on time,” he said.