West Pokot Governor at odds with the press

West Pokot John Lonyangapuo(right) with Deputy Governor Dr. Nicholas Atudonyang (left) in a past event
West Pokot John Lonyangapuo(right) with Deputy Governor Dr. Nicholas Atudonyang (left) in a past event

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo has moved to gag the media from exposing what is perceived as a litany of controversial and negative stories in the County. The Governor who has paved the way for a new controversial working ground with journalists working in the County has cautioned them against highlighting any story without his authority and confirmation from him, the area senator and County commissioner.

This comes after the media highlighted two stories in the County that did not go well with the administration.

The first story highlighted the plight of the residents over an absentee Deputy Governor who doubles up as the Health CEC.

Governor Lonyangapuo has been in the limelight for not taking action against his absentee Deputy Governor and the issue of Ortum Boys high school interference.

Journalists in the County have raised questions on whether he has more questionable deals to hide from public scrutiny.

Speaking at Makutano stadium during County prayer day, Lonyangapuo asked leaders in the County not to issue any statement to the media before being vetted by him and top security personnel in the County.

He said media had painted the county negatively and they were in the process of reclaiming the name of the county.

“Before going to press concerning any issue inform, the Senator, me or the County commissioner because he is representing the government. The issue of going to the press and dishing out gibberish issues about our County will not be condoned,” he said.

The sentiments have not been welcomed by other County leaders who are saying that this is another way to gag media.

The West Pokot Governor said he is forced to answer questions from the media and yet he, himself is not aware of what is happening.

Governor Lonyangapuo has, however, defended his deputy saying that he is out of the country on official duty and will back in the next two months. “In the next two months, the deputy will be back with good stuff. We shall receive him at Mombasa port when two containers carrying health equipment arrive,’  he said.