West Pokot Governor on Kapedo insecurity

Governor prof John Lonyangapuo
Governor prof John Lonyangapuo

West Pokot governor John Lonyangapuo has asked security officials to halt the security operation in Kapedo Tiaty and pave way for leaders to talk to the people to surrender illegal guns.

Lonyangapuo noted that initiating development projects along the border will help change the mindset of the bandits and will be an everlasting solution to banditry.

Speaking in Kapenguria,Lonyangapuo urged the Pokot community to respond to a call of peace and cease fire hence urged the bandits to surrender the illegal guns.

“Forming peace committees will help people solve their own problems, my people should also be willing to cooperate and the government needs to exercise more patience and allow leaders to continue with dialogue,” he said.

He added that if the government wants to solve the insecurity problem it should not rely on the power of the weapons but allow talks that will lead to peace and order.


“We need to do a research and establish why are these people always think towards evil maybe they need spiritual nourishment, development is also another factor that should be given a priority.” He said.

He noted that finger pointing has magnified the problem and thus leaders should be willing to walk an extra mile and desist from accusing each other.

Lonyangapuo said the government is solving the problem by involving all leadership and some of the leaders who are not obedient and walking the talk should be identified because they are catalyst to problems.

He wondered why the Baringo County leadership has never sat down as one team noting that lamentations and hard-line positions should be reduced if at all they need to achieve peace.

He urged leaders to allow the government to disarm illegal owners of the guns rather than covering or protecting bandits.